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MPP Responds to Chamber’s Concern About $14.00 Minimum Wage

December 4, 2013

As members know, the Cornwall Chamber has taken issue with the proposal by a lobby group that would see the minimum wage jump by close to 40% from its current $10.25 to $14.00. A poll of some of its members revealed that such an increase would have a significant and negative impact on their business and in particular, their ability to retain employees.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has weighed in on the issue and the Chamber is pleased to report that, in response to its request, our local MPP, Jim McDonell, has take up the cause. In a recent letter to Labour Minister Naqvi, he raises the concern about the impact on small business.

States McDonell, “The Minimum Wage Panel today does not appropriately reflect the importance of small and medium-sized businesses in Ontario’s economy, despite these enterprises being the trailblazers to prosperity and innovation.”

McDonell goes on to request the Minister extend the Wage Panel’s mandate by an additional three months and to bring proportionate representation by the small business sector into the panel.

Your Chamber applauds the MPP’s support and will continue to monitor the issue on behalf of its members.

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