Chamber concerned about labour relations and employment standard changes

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC), an organization that represents the Cornwall Chamber and chambers across the province has sent a letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne expressing concern about potential changes to Ontario’s Labour Relations Act (LRA) and the Employment Standards Act (ESA), including the introduction of a $15 minimum wage.

The Chamber is concerned that these reforms may have unintended consequences that will impact job creation and competitiveness as well discouraging investment in the province. The government’s proposals come at a time when the cost of doing business is high and is positioning Ontario at a competitive disadvantage.

The letter reminds the Premier that Ontario’s business community is doing its part to create better jobs and working conditions in the province. The government’s 2017 budget points out that 98% of all new jobs created since the recession have been full time, and 78% have been above-average wage for their respective industries.

According to the OCC, and the Cornwall Chamber, regulatory reform that raises costs for business, only to reduce the ability of business to invest in and grow the labour force is counterproductive and will not help the Cornwall region’s business sector and indeed, that sector across Ontario.

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